beeswax with rice pattern porcelain 1------------------------ Christmas candles gift set

Pine cup size: D8cm X H 7.5cm


The set of Christmas candle is special, 100 %Beeswax pillar candles is in pine cup. The pine cup is rice pattern porcelain cup, also called card glass ware cup. The porcelain is carve out many delicate eyes come into pine, and then fire these holes withe the glaze into the bright hole. So when the beeswax candles is burning in the cup, the beautiful candle light will come our of the pine eyes , and the candle cup can block the wind. Place a few sets of Christmas candles in your home on Christmas day, they will bring a more Christmas atmosphere to your family.

The cup is lid with a solid wood cover. As the beeswax candles are 100% natural, its raw yellow color and natural fragrance will fade. But the rice pattern porcelain cup with cover can make the color and natural fragrance will remain more long time.

Please enjoy the special Christmas gift with your family. 

Tip: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always check the length of the wick before lighting a candle,wicks should be kept trimmed between3/16(5mm)to3/8(9mm).