Chanukah candle------------------------ Hanukkah candle

Size: D3/8" X H5"

Weight: 6.3g

Burning time:1.3hours


These beeswax Hanukkah candles are made from 100% pure beeswax and 100% cotton wick. The candles are hand-dipped and virtually smokeless and dripless. These Chanukah candles are approximately 1cm diameter x 13cm tall (approximate 3/8" diameter 5" tall) and available in stunning colors. the natural color is yellow or ivory, the best color is natural yellow. The burn time is approximate 1.3 hours for continuously burning.

Tip: Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Always place candles on a heat resistant holder. Always check the length of the wick before lighting a candle,wicks should be kept trimmed between3/16(5mm)to3/8(9mm).