pure beeswax tapers

----------------- birthday beeswax tapers

Size: D1/4" X H6"(D0.6cm X H15cm)

Weight: 3g

Burning time: 50 minutes


Natural beeswax birthday candles, made with 100% pure  beeswax, only cotton wicks, with no toxins or harmful ingredients, zinc and lead-free,handmade and classically dipped. These birthday candles are approximately 1/4” diameter x 6” tall (approximate 0.6cm diameter x 15cm tall) . Each beeswax birthday candle will burn about 50 minutes,they can be reused after birthday. The beeswax birthday candles are available in 10 beautiful colors for you choosing and referring. Made with 100% natural beeswax, the beeswax birthday candles won't drip all over your cake! If a little beeswax drips on the birthday cake it ’s OK – it’s only safe healthy beeswax. Our birthday candles give off a wonderful glow and a light honey fragrance.