rice pattern porcelai ------------------------ beeswax tealights gift set

Candle size: D1.5"cm X H0.7"(D3.8cm*H1.8cm)

candle color:yanse

The set of tealight candle is special, 100 %Beeswax tealight candles is tea cup. The tea cup is rice pattern porcelain cup, also called card glass ware cup. The porcelain is carve out many delicate eyes , and then fire these holes withe the glaze into the bright hole. So when the beeswax candles is burning in the cup, the beautiful candle light will come our of the eyes, and the candle cup can block the wind.

 The porcelain tealight gift set contain some natural beeswax tealight candles and a few flower porcelain with handle. It's up to you to set the number of holder and tealight candles. The porcelain holder are very beautiful and romantic. The porcelain holder have many designs for you choose. If you need more the tealight gift set, your logo can be shown on the bottom of holders.

These tealight candles burn clean and soot free, with a steady, healthy sized flame that radiates a spectrum of light in porcelain holder that matches that of the sun, and they can also decorate your home very well.