church dipped candles---------------------- church dipped candles

Size: D3/8"cm X H13"(D1*H33cm)(18g,4hours) 


Burning time: 4hours


The Golden Leaf church beeswax candles are made of  100% natural  beeswax from from the beekeeper. The wick is 100% cotton. Orthodox beeswax candles have a light golden brown color, no bleaching or coloring and are all natural. The Traditionally tapered candles natural color is raw yellow or ivory, the best color is raw yellow as its most natural. These church candles are approximately 3/10” diameterx9”tall (approximate 1cm diameter 33cm tall).We also can make custom sized candles for churches. Church candles go through a pure preparation process to make your spiritual celebration as natural as it was meant to be.These church candles are good for your health because beeswax candles emit distinct compounds when they burn, neutralizing airborne contaminants and allergens.