festival beeswax candles

Golden Leaf beeswax candles a wide range of poured pillars, dipped tapers, hand rolled and tealight that are perfect for Christmas,Thanksgiving day, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving,New years day,the spring festival and  other festivals. Create elegant centerpieces with candles that will enhance the environment with their warm glow.  Lighting a flame universally symbolizes creation, new beginnings, and rekindling of memories. Candles represent unity, purification, and remembrance. Beeswax festival candles will add elegance to festival party, and include the memory of a love at family gathering with candles in their honor.

Mark your special moment in time with a candle’s flame. The soft flickering glow of candlelight is unique—it has the magical effect of creating a warm, inviting setting that lingers in the mind long after the festival is past. 

festival beeswax candles

Hanukkah candles

D3 / 8“X H5”

Chrismas candles gift set

pine porcelain cup

beeswax birthday candles

D1/4" X H3"