--------------------- Valentine's Day candles gift setpink rose

candle size: D1.5"cm X H0.7"(D3.8cm*H1.8cm)

Tealight weight:15g

Burning time: 4hours

Candle color:yanse

The Golden leaf hand poured tealight beeswax candles are made from 100% pure beeswax,our wicks are 100% cotton and contain no lead or metal.Its burning time is long and no smoke. The beeswax tealight is in clear cup, that heat resistant plastic cup. The tealight candles are available in 10 colors. the natural color is raw yellow or ivory, the best color is raw natural yellow as its most natural.

The Valentine's Day candle gift set contain some natural beeswax tealight candles and a few flower porcelain holders. It's up to you to set the number of holder and tealight candles. The flower porcelain holders are very beautiful and romantic . The porcelain holder have bule color and pink color for you choose. If you need more the tealight gift set, your logo can be shown on the bottom of holders.

These tealight candles burn clean and soot free, with a steady, healthy sized flame that radiates a spectrum of light in porcelain holder that matches that of the sun. Enjoy the romantic Valentine's Day gifts.